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 User and Admin Conduct

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PostSubject: User and Admin Conduct   User and Admin Conduct EmptySat Mar 13, 2021 4:06 pm

Hello everyone,

I am writing this post in an effort to address certain situations and to help set a precedent here at Verdant Valley. As one of our goals is to offer users a safe haven and the job of Protectors is to keep Verdant Valley a safe place, we wanted to write this out. Behaviour is one of the biggest elements we are going to talk about here.

Impact vs Intent
Before you speak, you must take into consideration impact vs intent. You need to ask yourself a few questions beforehand to see if what you are wanting to say is appropriate.

  • Is this what I really want to say? Why?
  • Who will my words affect?
  • What will I get out of saying this?

The words we say every day could potentially have an affect on another person. You might not intend to be upsetting or insulting with your words, but it can come across that way. Your words have an impact. Ask yourself if anyone would be harmed and if so, is it really something worth saying? Just because something may be okay to you, doesn't make it okay for everyone else.

If I were to say: "Haha wow, that's so gay." To me, that might not be a big deal, but to someone who is gay, it would be upsetting to hear the word "gay" being used as an insult/negative terminology. You can insert any word you'd like to replace "gay" and think of how it would affect others.
Everyone's words have meaning. To say it doesn't is harmful. You have to look at the situation and assess it from different points of view.

This article can help explain it more.


We all need to respect each other here on Verdant Valley, from the users all the way up the administration ranks. Respect is a two way street. If you want someone to respect you, you have to respect them in kind. Malicious behaviour, insulting words, being sarcastic or derogatory, etc., is not welcome.
"Respect is an overall evaluation you give someone based on many factors – what that person is doing with their life, how they treat you and others, whether they are honest or not and if they seem to consistently do good things, large or small, for other people."
Getting down to the basics of the word, we must be able to treat others how we would want to be treated. Would you want someone to call you names or harass you? If not, why would you do it to someone else?

The administration does not demand our users to respect us, because respect is also earned. We strive to do our very best and set an example for users and the rest of our team, as well as Chatlands as a whole. However, if you are being harmful toward us because of ill conceived notions or biases, the situation might escalate and get out of control. We are here to handle negative situations.

As Protectors, we must also respect the users and the rest of the administration team.
If anyone has criticisms, it must be presented in a constructive way, or how else would you try to get your point across?
"Well, I really hate how you're such a jerk toward users" is not the same as "I'm concerned about how you treat other people, especially the users on Verdant Valley."

Keep these two items in mind as you use Verdant Valley and in your daily life as well. Make sure you are reviewing our rules and adhering to them.

Thank you and enjoy your day!

Quote about respect taken from here.
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User and Admin Conduct
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